A weasely guy who bends the rules and gets away with it (most of the time)
Will Slick Rick Neuheisel commit any more recruiting violations now that he's back in the Pac-10 with UCLA?
by pitar8011 March 01, 2010
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Awesome early rapper

maybe the milk -est guy ever
Ricky Ricky Ricky!
Can't you see?
Somehow your words just hypnotize me!
and i just love your jazzy ways!
MC Ricky my love is here to stay!!!
by Ricardo Zaccarucci February 09, 2004
The Black Clark Gabel
La Di Da Di, we like to party...
by Alomar January 26, 2005
A person that is very adept at the art of coolness.

*Note* (this attibute also goes hand in hand with being nonchalant)
Man, Evan is a Slick Rick! He's going out with two girls, even though they are next-door neighbours!!
by Bent Himself August 06, 2003
The third coolest person in the history of time (Preceeded by Keith David, who's a fucking pimp, and Morgan Freeman). Known for his unique voice, genuinely funny rhymes, and his diamond-studded eyepatch, Slick Rick is cool as hell. And a great rapper.
Slick Rick is cooler than you. - Mohandas Ghandi
by Just a nigga that loves Slick Rick November 09, 2006
1. someone who is suave at everything
2. mad rapper from the 80's & 90's
slick rick is off tha hook!
by dirrrty south November 14, 2003
A.K.A. Lube Cocoon; The first bowel movement after an internal anal cumshot.
Man! I had serious case of constipation until I got a killer Slick Rick last night! It was amazing how quick it flushed my system out this morning!
by WonderShockX August 06, 2011
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