A slice of pizza
yo dawg, im pretty hungry, lets go to the pizza place, i could use a slice of cheese right about now.
by Stallion April 15, 2004
To make out with or desire to make out with.
"Oh my gosh, what a fox! I soo want to slice him!" or "He's soo slicing!"
by Jamie June 24, 2004
1.)Sometimes referred as a hero of online gaming.

2.)A vision of temperance and equality.

3.) A bastion of happiness and all that is joyful.
Boy, that slice is great at FPS's.

That guy over there is a real slice.

I wish I could be slice right now.
by B.Simpson March 04, 2004
To divide up crack cocaine. Slang for stabbing in prison. To cut or chop up. To have cut something. The last name of Kimbo. Also in reference to a small forest dwelling creature, develops matted hair clumps do to its extreme living environments and ruggedness. Known to be active at night, calling a distinctive screech used for feeding and to communicate with other slicebots. First discovered to be an existing species in 2008. Scientists are planning on giving this creature its own kingdom amongst Plants, animals, and fungus.

Slice farm. Slice rocket. Rainbow Slice. The Slice. Kimbo James Walker Slice. Slice monster. Team slice. Captain Slice. Slice Rodent
Slice that shit.... Where the F*** is slice.... Frickin' slicebots..... Can I get a Slice? Did anyone feed slice yet?
#slice #capt. slice #him slice #the slice #kimbo slice
by Slice Captains Club April 19, 2009
similar to cool or slammin but involves a higher degree...do NOT use this word unless you can fully handle it
I'm not slice enough to wear them for sport
by ChandelliMartini!! March 24, 2005
The slang meaning is, to Cut a person or thing
"I'll Slice Your Neck!"
by 187 April 06, 2003
A person who acts in a negative, not cool manner. This person is a moron, and often fails in social situations. A slice is often the disliked man in the crowd for he thinks of himself as a superior but actually is just a freak. They often do cruddy things that kill the good mood.
Man, you're such a slice! stop trying to act cool in front of the girls! You're so weird!
#crumb #moron #idiot #loser #freak
by JordyGriff February 02, 2011
to throw up after excessively drinking, see kimbo for chain word.
ugh i was so kimbo last night, i sliced everywhere...
#kimbo #slice #trashed #drunk #vommed
by fetuseaters420 December 11, 2008
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