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The new "burn". Used after an insult to rub it in burn victims face. Usually followed by a slicing motion of the hand.
Guy 1: "You're like an ugly love child of Garey Busy and Jocelyn Wildenstein"

Guy 2: "SLICE!"
by molever October 06, 2008
A showing of disapproval for a person, place or thing.
I saw my ex-girlfriend stupid friend at this party so i totally sliced her and all my friends laughed.
by Juan Pistrami December 29, 2004
A brand new STD made by Phil "Slice" Jane. It was contracted at nitecraze and terrorizes young men by literally slicing off a man's penis.
Don't go to night craze you might get slice from grinding chubby girls.
by Slice Jank June 01, 2011
Saliva. Cooties. Germs. Spit.
Devin is drinking out of his cup of milk and sets it back down on the table. Emma walks by and picks up his cup of milk and takes a drink.

Devin: "AW! You can have it now!! Its got your slice on it!!!!"
by moosetraxpeanutcracker December 07, 2010
n. (abr.) homeslice; a good friend, buddy, pal
Yo! What's up, slice!?
by KFan II May 19, 2010
Shortened down way of calling someone a slice of shit.
A slice of shit is someone who is such a fucker that they must indeed have spawned from a slice of shit most foul.
Boy, that Ruma? what a fuckin' slice!

Charlie's a little bitch and certainly the biggest slice I ever did see!

Chris, you are the master of all things slice!
by seanyc123 May 21, 2007
A pussy, cunt, or vagina.
Ramin was licking a tastey piece of college slice last night.
by Ramin F November 16, 2006