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To slice and dice is to break a body of information down into smaller parts or to examine it from different viewpoints so that you can understand it better. In cooking, you can slice a vegetable or other food or you can dice it (which means to break it down into small cubes). One approach to dicing is to first slice and then cut the slices up into dices. In data analysis, the term generally implies a systematic reduction of a body of data into smaller parts or views that will yield more information. The term is also used to mean the presentation of information in a variety of different and useful ways.

This term can be compared to drilldown, which is the process of dividing an information area up into finer and finer layers in a hierarchy, but with the purpose of narrowing in to one small area or item.

Also can be used as a reference to violence.
"Multidimensional analysis involves drill as well as slice and dice."
by iopq August 12, 2004
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To pretend to slice someone's face up using the elbow. A move based on Thai boxing created by Lara Fraser C-.
Don't take my faxes off the machine or I will slice and dice.
by Lara Cooper March 16, 2007
1. A negative term used to describe techno music without lyrics that's played at parties, which doesn't allow for people to sing and dance along.

2. An uncool person.
Jacob: What music did they have?

Molly: Slice and dice shit

Jacob: The only thing I'll be slicing and dicing are my fruit and vegies
Jacob: Omfg that guy's a slice and dice dickhead

Molly: I definitely agree
by Glenn93 April 17, 2011

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