Moniker used to refer students in the class of 2011.
I graduate in 2011 therefore I am a sleven.
#senior #eleven #graduate #high school #college
by S1ic3dbr3ad October 05, 2010
Top Definition
Sleven or S'leven is a slang abbreviation for the combined words of "7 Eleven", referencing the popular convenience store found nationwide. The two syllables of Sleven saves time over the five syllables it would take to identify the proper name.
Hey, I'm going to Sleven. You wanna a Big Gulp or somethin'? Be back in five.
#7-eleven #7 eleven #slevin #convenience store #gas station
by MoonMarble October 02, 2007
The most gangster gang ever!
The Slevens gang was to ghetto 4 me
#slevens #ghetto #crusty baldwin #muhammad mudslide #gang banger
by lindsey rebholz March 07, 2008
the seven eleven, open from seven in the morning, until eleven at night, however ass backwards becasue it is open 24 7.
let's go to t square and hit up the sleven.
by dude. November 17, 2003
religion based upon scoring girls hotness on a 1-7 rating system with the hotest being a sleven and a the ultimate being a sleven and a half, enlightenment is ony a sleven away
wow like she is a sleven for sure even a sleven and a half
#sl7ven #sl7v7n #sleiven #steven #blible
by Dan-e75 September 11, 2006
Sleven- Slang for 7-11
Dude I want a slurpee, let's hit sleven
#7-11 #slurpee #dirty #arabic #sketchy
by will w March 11, 2006
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