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The sexual act of taking a fairly good sized object with a flat surface, and while a man is sitting on it with his erect penis in the woman's vagina while she is on him and then sliding down several flights of stairs, causing irresistable humping and orgasm for both parties.
Last night my girl friend wanted to go on carriage ride but we decided we'd rather go for a sleigh ride.
by Jales September 14, 2003
when a male inserts his penis into his girls ass on top of the stairs. He then proceeds to push her down the stairs, and rides her down, simmilar to a sliegh ride
My girlfriends got rugburn from our sleigh ride
by Anonymous May 16, 2003
When you give someone a handjob while wearing bangles.
"What was that sound I heard last night?"
"Oh it was some bitch giving me a sleigh ride."
by I mean yeah September 04, 2011
The act of doing a poo and a fart. It comes as a result of the German world for Sleigh ride which is Schlittenfahrt which sounds like Shit and Fart.
After eating a dodgy kebab I did a massive sleigh ride the next morning.
by Golden Lemur December 13, 2010
Similar to a donkey punch, except you grab her hair and proceed to punch her in the back of the head, so that it pulls her hair, too.
by Makis August 22, 2003
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