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V. To make an idiot of yourself on purpose to try to gain attention.

V.2 to fail at something with much embarrassment on one's own behalf. see: EPIC FAIL FAIL

N. a (self) purposeful failure

N. self-idiot who injures pride of self beings including oneself
(n)Dude, peeing on that electric fence was a total slef.

(v)My mother sleffed herself by pretending to stub her toe in front of dad..
by daughteroftheKing February 24, 2011
Quiet girl until you get to know her. Everyone except her friends thinks she is really quiet. Only her friends know her crazy side. But she is also smart and very caring. Very pretty girl. You have to talk to her before she talks to you.
Boy 1: That Mekyra girl is pretty but she is very shy!
Friend: Mekyra?? She is not shy you just have to talk to her first!
by Daughteroftheking November 01, 2014
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