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When the sleeves of your undershirt hang out of your shirt.
Did you see the sleevage on that one? Looked like he had on a wizard robe.

Wearing an XL undershirt and a M regular shirt.
by BallerState November 18, 2009
14 7
The extreme hotness that occurs when a male rolls up their button up long sleeve shirt exposing their muscular forearms.
On our date last night, Spencer was totally rocking his sleevage.
by Ilovesleevage December 11, 2010
59 8
The unsightly bulge between your bra and your underarm that totally ruins any attempt to look sleek. Considered the underarm version of muffin tops - and one of top causes of photo fails. Sleevage has been spotted on women of all shapes and sizes, including Hollywood celebs.
Her dress would have been perfect except for the sleevage spilling out.
by Ms. Eye Spy January 17, 2014
7 0
Similar to "Cleavage", but seen from the shirt sleeve
I saw sleevage when she raised her arm.
by dg March 12, 2003
10 5
The side of a woman's breast visible through a gaping sleeve hole.
'I love that bird's shirt- great sleevage.'
by Paul Bazzo May 28, 2007
4 2