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A term used to define a person from a mountain state, no fucking flatlanders, that tears it up on a snowmobile.
D'you see that fuckin sledneck who wrecked his shit into a tree?
by Hitman537 September 29, 2005
Any idiot from Alaska who drives a truck with a lift kit, carries snowmobiles in the bed even when it's fucking summer, and believes their kind are the only kind allowed on the roads or live in The Last Frontier. Usually seen wearing flannel, hoodies, waders, and has a beard only a Mennonite could love.
Did you hear John wrecked his Subaru? Fucking sledneck cut 'em off and ended up putting it in a ditch.
by nate1276 May 22, 2011
a redneck who likes to sled down ski mountains when other people are on skis
often shouting YEEHAH
Billy:lets go up yonder hill on our sleds Jimmy
Jimmy: sure billy it'll be a right ole good time of the night
by slednecker May 05, 2005