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Name given to a sexy man who is loved by all greatly. Someone called Kyran will often also be called the sexiest man that was ever seen.
Ooer, look at that Kyran!
by Moo.Im.A.Cow April 08, 2009
From the Japanese origin. Either a female's or male's name. Meaning: good fortune.
Hi Kyran! Kyran, you are awesome!
by Kyran May 20, 2007
an extremely tuff and masculine man. Someone who is always confident and doing their best. Someone who is idolised by others.
See that jock over there he is such a Kyran; look at his muscles.
by frank.n66 December 14, 2010
A nice crazy cute funny boy with curly hair who when you first meet you don't think much of him then comes a crush and then You think it was just nothing and after that you realize that you liked him all along and will start missing him very soon
Oh I miss kyran
by Carder cakes May 16, 2013
Kyran is the perfect woman. She has no flaw. She's funny and sweet. Kyran is the most beautiful girl in the world. She is popular among all her friends and is loved by millions. She might be a bit annoyed at times but if you are friends with this girl then you are very lucky. She has an amazing personality. She is gentle and kind. Her eyes sparkle brighter than the stars in the clearest night sky, her smile can also brighten anyone's day. All guys want to be with her, and will do anything to have her heart. Everyone wants to hang with her at parties and most girls envy her. Kyran's are amazing.
That Kyran is one amazing and beautiful girl!
by Jessica734632784t5823783 December 30, 2010
A huge dickhead, he will drive you crazy and make you want to kill him. He is an eternal virgin & gay with men called Rikesh.
Rikesh: Yo you such a dick head
Kyran: Shut up and kiss me!
by KyKanda January 12, 2012
A Harlots bitch, someone craving attention, a serious pothead.
Nothing of the japanese origin.
Yo, you see that kyran the other day? Fucker was driving me buggers!
by Harlots March 26, 2009
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