Northern Irish

Going to the toliet, Taking a Piss, Public Pissing, Pissing on someones property Etc
"Man i really need a slash!"

"Lad, did you just slash yourself?!"
by Slash on your face June 21, 2009
the most revolutionary guitarist many know. he is an inspiration to the world of guitars.
slash is god slash is god slash is god slash is god slash is god slash is god...
by eric j flamingo September 20, 2006
Male/Male fan fiction pairings. ie: Harry/Draco, Harry/Ron, Sirius/Remus, ect.
God, no! Not Sirius and Remus! Sirius is way to sessy for him! Nothing against Remus, honest...
by Padfoot's Stalker September 21, 2003
1. Excellent guitarist of the original Guns n' Roses.

2. An action of cutting or stabing.
1. Slash was great last night wasn't he?

2. He slashed that guys tired.
by 1337 g33k January 30, 2003
Slash is the name a musician gets when they are the best at what they do..Only a few will get the honor to have the name...
Slash.guitarist for GnR,Snake Pit.. known as Slashthedrummer.drummer for...Jonez Bonez...Keith Harling
by beth e jones January 10, 2009
most awesomeest guitarist in the world/ also slang for going for a wee wee.
Hannah's 80 year old dad could no longer aford the toilet paper so he had to take a slash outside in the garden
by Grace5437984246799 June 10, 2005
A bum on the street used the word. I've never heard the word used in this context, but it means booze, or shots of booze.
"Hey, got any money so I can buy some slash??" - Coonass
"Give me a hit of that slash!!"
by Lindzko December 13, 2004
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