Northern Irish

Going to the toliet, Taking a Piss, Public Pissing, Pissing on someones property Etc
"Man i really need a slash!"

"Lad, did you just slash yourself?!"
by Slash on your face June 21, 2009
the best guitar player of all times!! who said another thing is a really motherfucker because slash is the rock and fucking roll!! the idiot of aprox 3 comments before don't know what is he saying he is angry because he can't play like slash does!! because nothing can slash is the only one!! soy fuck you stupid
oooo SEXYYYYY uuuuu is my drug slash is the hotest man in the planet and the best guitar player ever
by SlashGNR July 05, 2006
ex Guns and Roses. One of the biggest guitarr players in the world. Whith a original personality and a legend in the world of rock and roll
slash use a big hat, a big afroand alwasys have a cigarr on his mauth
by masa March 12, 2004
A word representing the actual punctuation mark (/). Used to indicated multiple meanings or references. Used only by hip teenagers.
I like pizza slash pasta after a long day at work.

Her hair is red slash black.

He was angry slash upset when I dumped him.
by Jessica MacFarlane (McFiz) November 07, 2006
Fucking amazing guitarist from fucking amazing band, Guns n Roses - and freaking hot too!
"Axl's my favourite"

"No way man, Slash is so the coolest"

"Oh yeah, screw Axl, he's a bastard and had to go and fuck up the band, Slash all the way"
by M_A_D_S May 24, 2005
The source of all non-chocolatey goodness in the universe. See also preslash.
"Did you see Angel last night? Major Angel/Spike slash."
by Kuma February 26, 2004
The true definition of this word is: Noun. The name of the best guitarist ever, of Guns N Roses. Recognisable by his afro, which hides 90% of his face, hat perched on top of said afro, and an amazing guitar talent!
See the guitar solo in "November Rain." This baisically proves all my points
by Em April 15, 2004
the most revolutionary guitarist many know. he is an inspiration to the world of guitars.
slash is god slash is god slash is god slash is god slash is god slash is god...
by eric j flamingo September 20, 2006

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