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Northern Irish

Going to the toliet, Taking a Piss, Public Pissing, Pissing on someones property Etc
"Man i really need a slash!"

"Lad, did you just slash yourself?!"
by Slash on your face June 21, 2009
This is probebly the best guitarist out there I saw him in concert in KC there where awsome I was about 2 feet from him He played For Hollywood Rose, Guns N. Roses, Slash's Snakepit, And now Velvet Revolver. He also did the guitar part in Sammy Hagars Little white lie song from Marching to Mars. And has appeared in numerous videos with only small apperences. His biggest fasion is his top hat and black curly hair Normally plays a 85 gibson les paul sunburst is normally his favorite and uses Marshal Amps.
Damn Slash can rock out
by Joshua G. May 27, 2005
Scottish term for using a blade (or any other sharp object) to cut the face of an innocent bystander. Usually leaving the victim with large scars on either, or both sides of the face.

This act is usually carried out by the famous 'Glaswegian Ned'.
"Haw you! If ye don't fuck aff am gonne slash ye!"

"You hear aboot wee jimmy? He git slashed!"
by The man next door. July 01, 2009
To go for a slash to urinate
"I'll just be going for a slash, 'wight"
by Billy-Bob McSanchez April 06, 2005
Generally applies to fanfiction in which two males or two females are in a relationship or together.
Kirk and Spock were the first slash fanfiction pairing.
by liz March 06, 2005
1) To Take a piss
2) The act of Stabbing
3) Former GnR guitarist now playing for Velvet Revolver
1] Ahhh I'm dying for a slash
2] I'm gonna slash you, ya frard
3] Slash kicks ass on the guitar
by Dave - Zackson 3 November 04, 2004
best freaking guitarist ever
"Eric Clapton is the best guitarist ever!"
"No, Slash is!!!!"
"Oh yeah, Slash freaking owns, nevermind!"
by Slash May 03, 2003
the best guitar player of all times!! who said another thing is a really motherfucker because slash is the rock and fucking roll!! the idiot of aprox 3 comments before don't know what is he saying he is angry because he can't play like slash does!! because nothing can slash is the only one!! soy fuck you stupid
oooo SEXYYYYY uuuuu is my drug slash is the hotest man in the planet and the best guitar player ever
by SlashGNR July 05, 2006