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To steal something from someone, like a parking spot, to cut someone off on the freeway, to steal a girlfriend. Mainly used in the surfing community
Dude, brah that guy totally just slarshed my wave brah.
by Zach Martin December 28, 2007
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was made up by a girl but then spread by Blaze and Huxley means the exact same thing as darsh
shut up you freaken SLARSH
Your the biggest slarsh in the school!
by blaze rodriguez December 09, 2007
the end product of an interspecies sex act. because a human cannot impregnate an animal, the collective juices seep from the creature's swollen orifice, producing a rancid stench. it is considered a delicacy in many parts of asia.
After a night of extended bestiality, I awoke to find that I was covered in SLARSH.
by dr.smegman December 04, 2010

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