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To ride a walrus into battle, while screaming profanity.
General George McClellan is famous for telling President Abraham Lincoln "You may find those who will go faster than I, Mr. President, but it is very doubtful if you will find many who will do it on a walrus." As a result, President Lincoln formed what is informally known as, the "Flipper Front," a small entourage of men who slarmed into several battles along the coast, and eventually took victory for the North in the Civil War.
by General George McClellan March 17, 2014
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One who engages in such activities as larping, Magic the Gathering, or other such activities that push you further away from losing your virginity. Some common signs of a slarm are greased hair (usually hasn't been washed for days), wears clothing 3 sizes too big that was passed down from his older, older brother who was also slarm, shoes tied so tight his feet are screaming for air. And the #1 sign of a slarm is.....a pull backpack.
The president of the Dungeons and Dragons club is such a slarm.
by slarmfest October 24, 2010

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