game played for fun by homosexual or heterosexual males. Game usually begins by slapping the other players dick when they least expect it. Famous moves include grab and roll or pinch and twist.
My balls were bruised during slapdick.
by Toke1 April 11, 2006
Noun - A gay comedy. The word is a play on "slapstick" comedy.
"Tom Cruise auditoned for Will & Grace but his talents were surprisingly not suited to slapdick comedy."
by CCH March 17, 2006
Slap Dick is a commonly played game where two guys get hard and sit facing one another. They then proceed to switch off slapping each other's dick. The guy whose dick falls off first is the loser. Following the game, the winner may choose to do the victory ritual: pick up the fallen off dick (before it looses to much blood and becomes limp), smack the loser's forehead with said dick and finish by yelling SLAP DICK!
"(Picks up hard dick, slaps loser with it) SLAP DICK!"
by Scrat420 October 15, 2009
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