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Slap n' tickle means forplay not actual sex. Well it does in england anyway.
No slap and tickle o' the wenches
by Jimbo Grimbo February 07, 2006
Cockney slang for sex.
The guvnor is 'avin' a bit of slap and tickle with the missus.
by kung-fu jesus September 25, 2004
Guy slaps girls ass then grasp's tightly, spreads open and then 'tickles' the vagina. Usually happens in a bush at school.
Lets go have a quick slap and tickle in the bush over there.
by u wot m8? March 27, 2013
To fuck, of course.
I fancy a bit of slap and tickle tonight.
by Andrew Briggs January 31, 2004
When one slaps another person's penis and tickles their balls with their hand
"This chick gave me a slap and tickle today, and my dick hurts whenever I walk!"
by Christofph November 08, 2006
Silvy and Carm's ill advised segment on ESPN1000 on 'random thoughts and/or other minutia'. The idea was spawned from a term that Bruce Levine picked up back in the Prohibition Era.
Speaking of slap and tickle sessions... Always being the contrarion, Sammy Sosa used a bottle WITHOUT cork to smack upside his wife's head. .....allegedly....
by The Gridiron Assassin April 10, 2004
a sexual act, often preformed by a homosexual couple (although a woman may perform this on a man). One person, the receiver stands up, while the performer of this act slaps the receiver in the balls. At this point the receiver should bend over, the giver then tickles the butt hole of the receiver.
I totally want to give him a slap and tickle.
by SX3 October 25, 2010

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