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This is another term for "the Boss", (always a fella)he is the top hardman, depending on background he will be eitha a complete cunt and walk aroudn doin what ever he wants, or he could be the generous, forgivin type who dont want 2 fight but he just happens 2 be hard as nails. he is always top-dog.
fuckin hell tyrone, dont u know hes the guvnor? hel knock u sparko
#guvnor #guv nor #guv'nor #boss #hardnut #the man
by kiroe September 12, 2006
This is a term to describe someone who is in charge, but only because hes got lots of things or money. Usually people hate this person but stay with them cause they got power.
Fuck I hate that fuckshit Tod, but you know hes got a porsche so thats makes him the Guv'nor.
#snob #wealthy #hipster #douchebag #chav #pretentious
by destructon November 08, 2009
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