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slimeballish {derived from the Tatooine word "slamo" as seen in Star Wars: Episode 1, meaning slimeball.} (Can also be pronounced "Schlame")
I hate how you cheat in Mario Kart 64 because it is so slame.
by El_Scorcho August 24, 2003
24 18
adj. A term used to describe someone who is of an elevated level of lame. It is a synthesis of the word 'super' and 'lame' thus the world 'slame'
Someone who goes to bed at seven on a Friday night is slame.
by annuit02 November 28, 2010
4 5
A combination of two words, created from the word "Slow" and "Lame"
The movie Ghost Rider was very slame

Wow, that workshop was slame. I wasted my time sitting down there.

The turtle is slame.
by ladynorthic February 16, 2007
11 17
a shirt made into shorts.
She's wearing a slame.
by bread infection November 22, 2009
0 7
So lame it's SLAME
OMG... u are so slame!
by June May 22, 2003
11 19

1. (Adj).
To be considered lower than normal social standards. Of or related to being super-lame (hence, S-lame). Being totally socially inept. Refuses to roll down car windows, even on really, really nice days. Basically, what it means is, don't be slame.

2. (v)
To act slame (ie: "that girl totally slamed him")
-Man, that girl is totally slame.

-I just slamed in my pants.

-That math test was totally SLAME!

-Basically, I am slame.
by John Bender April 14, 2006
2 14