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The best, fastest, simplest, oldest, most secure, and most UNIX-like distribution of Linux.
I use Slackware on my box. Better dead than Red(Hat)
by RucasRiot February 17, 2004
A linux distribution distinguished by being particularly "bare-bones" Also well known for good security right out of the box.
My RedHat box got rooted, so I switched to slackware.
by Glyn Devine May 18, 2003
An open-source, free Linux distribution started in 1993 by Patrick Volkerding. Noted to be Unix-like, and includes desktop environments, server software, and terminal software from the CDs.
Comes as a four-CD set, though just one can be used to have a terminal-style installation. Disc two contains the desktop environment and a bootable rescue disk.
My Slackware server has served me well.
by Davus December 14, 2004
Better than red hat but harder initaly to learn.
Works great and is recomended greatly in computer security.
by slack July 11, 2003
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