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5 definitions by slack

Better than red hat but harder initaly to learn.
Works great and is recomended greatly in computer security.
by slack July 11, 2003
An attractive, but usually slightly sleazy, female.
Dude, have you seen that new girl in purchasing? What a slickery licorice, dog!
by Slack May 04, 2005
In a cube farm at work when something loud happens and all the heads pop up over the edges of the partitions
Dude, when Andrew started cursing at James, everybody started prarie dogging it to see if they would come to blows...
by Slack October 08, 2007
creator of #3fs, rarely seen by humans, rarely updates, and generally abandons all his worshipers on a routine basis.
<rune> my God... Prae actually sent me an ICQ message! HE'S ALLLLIIIIIIIVVVVEEEE!!!
by slack January 11, 2003
I read in the NY Times thr following: In Brazil Smith & Wesson firearms are very highly regarded. Brazilians have some difficulty in pronouncing "Smith," it comes out "Smitch" It has evolved that Brazilians refer to other lovable mechanical items as being "Smitch."
I got a new Colnago bike, it is smitch.
by slack November 03, 2003