"she slabbed her straw"
by noixz January 15, 2009
V. the act of spitting game or mackin on a girl. from cleveland and chip the ripper
Ima go slab on that fine ass girl over there
I slabbed so hard on that ho, but she wasnt feelin it
look at herbert over there slabbin like a champ.
by leshawn james July 11, 2009
To slap a womans boobs
Oh I todaly slabed her last night.
by MQ January 19, 2008
A vehicle thats fully tricked out.
man look at the screens in the slab.
slow low and bumpin system (primarily used in southern urban ghettos)
Down south we ride slabs
by J-HTX June 16, 2007
Slutty Asian Bitch. Often found at parties, but you can really find them almost anywhere.
damn, that bitch tried to hook up w/ Jin when he was drunk; she must be a slab!
by Samuelito February 14, 2007
a line of cocain, some railroad tracks.
that nigga done snorted bout 4 5 slabs
by thee M January 17, 2007

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