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One who is so infused into the hippie culture that they forget that one needs to actually work to get something achieved. They also tend to forget to buy new clean clothes. This is a group of people who will pay more for used goods than new ones.
" He's so sky dragon"

"Only sky dragons would want to live in a tent"
by Amrit Deol October 21, 2007

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As a Noun:

A. a guy who many people consider to be gay but actually has a girlfriend who he is very dedicated to.

B. an emotional man verging on gay

As a Verb:

To pretend to be gay to get close to a girl and then tell her that you're not and ask her out.
Example A:

I love my skydragon even though he wears gay clothes.

Example B:

You know that really nice gay kid? Well he's not gay and he skydragoned me last night!
by jamswdforty September 23, 2010