A skux is a wannabe gangster who buys lots of expensive clothes and wears his clothes around malls trying to be thug and pick up chicks, however all skux are pathetic and have no class, literally no class, a recent survey showed that over 90% of the YSK (young skux kids) a christchurch joke of a "gang" were high school drop outs who had failed to achieve NCEA lvl 1. Skux kids try to become more thug by getting involved in petty crimes such as littering, loitering, tagging, blaspheming and even in some extreme cases attempting violence.
upstanding citizen: "Whos that guy over there with expensive probably stolen gangster looking clothing pretending to smoke and trying to be thug?"

Street wise total boss: "Oh thats just a skux, dont worry they're all talk, that pretty boy wont touch you."
by totalboss November 15, 2010
A skux is a guy who things he has skills and swag but is secretly a dumbass. He calls everything he does skux. And when he does anything people will shout skux at him. Skuxes are usually very nooby.
Tom: Wow, did you see Tim just slide through the door on his knees?
Bob: Yeah what a "skux".
by ansertank August 22, 2014
(1)A st pats boy who thinks he's flash and wears too much make up.
(2)somebody who has just "obtained" sum nice looking clothes and is dressin up for sum reason.
(1)"Sorry skux" *laugh*.
(2)"eh, skux you lookin' pretty nice".
by niceynice January 16, 2004
A person that is attractive or is known as to get women very easily. it also defines the name tremayne
sole TREMAYNE you look skux as
by skux deluxeee October 29, 2013
A shitty fashion/lifestyle uber culture created by the off-spring of idiotic coconuts overstaying in New Zealand. Just another typical pretty boy fad created for non-white teenage poofters who have I.Q's teetering on boarder line retardation. It's not a cool look, nor does it impress the average middle class citizen, or anyone with half a brain.
Average Student: "Skux... that's the most stupid made up word I've heard yet"

Skux'ster in practice: "Shut up or I'll waste you brah"

Average Student: "Go ahead, emigration are on there way, so bye bye to your arse co co"

Skux'ster in practice: "Oh shucks, I'm fucked now"

Average Student: "...douche bag"
by Stay out of Taupo October 18, 2011
1. When a male or female is good looking
2. When a person does something good and gets congratulated by being called a skux
3. Someone dat is good at sumfin
'Wat a skux!!'

by skuxalicious September 07, 2003
skux is a very very GAY WORD!!! used by people who think they are all that....most of rongotai boys.....yeah they suck
gay rongotai boy: "OOOOOHHH! What a skux guy jim"
jim: "WHat the hell...skux is a gay boy word?"
gay rongotai boy: "shut up i bashhhhz u"
by skux hater July 10, 2008

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