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1.pretty boi
2.the ladies love them
3.saint pats boi
1.far that guy is skux
2.i want a skux guy
3.saint pats its the skuxest
by spcskux December 29, 2003
1. Usually noun or verb: An all encompassing term used in place of a swear word such as suck, fuck, and cock or any combination of the three, probably started as a Freudian slip.

2. Noun: Filth-, decay-, dirt-, or grime-like substance, probably stemming from the words scum or scuz and usually but not necessarily pertaining to sexual or reproductive organs. Possible origin includes high school kids in Eastern Newfoundland some time between 2002 and 2006.

3. Adjective: any sensation causing short term physical discomfort, malaise, or disarray.
1. "Skux you, bitch" or "Damn girl you are such a skux"

2. "There was a huge build up of skux on the prostitute's testicles."

3. "The next morning Mary was very hung over and felt very skuxxy."
by SnickersBars4YrButt January 02, 2008
Skux.. is a word created at newlands college in wellington 0.5.6 new zealand, the word just means your real cool and hot n stuff like that...
"you look skux today"
by Pimpin Jamez August 19, 2006
WeLL... tHa DeFiNiTiOn Fo' tHa WoRd SkUx iS tHa ToWn BoYz... aIIgHt GeEs! aNd tHaS aLL u GoTTa No!
TuSi FrOm SpAtZ aNd PiC PtOwN! oR TiSeNgA FrOm sUm UpPeR hUtT LoTu! Ha!
by kEEpIn iT rEaL November 10, 2003