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NCEA (No Chance of Educating Anyone) is New Zealand's revolutionary consistent and fair national qualification for secondary school students and part of the National Qualifications Framework (NQF).
* School pupil’s geography essay marked as excellent by his teacher
* Essay won a national geography award as judged by university lecturers
* Essay also selected for publication in official journal of the Geographical Society
* However NZQA moderation declares essay did not meet required NCEA standard and should have received a failed grade
by Amitabha December 19, 2008
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Stands for "National Certificate of Eductaional Achievement". The New Zealand high school qualification standard. Replaced National Certificate in 2002 with much controversy because it is flawed in many ways.
Person1: "Yo, how many creds did u get in level 1?"
Person2: "81"
Person1: "Whata lazy cunt I got 284"
Person2: "So, you get nothing more than me we both passed."
by anonymusapotumus March 10, 2005
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1/The official qualification for New Zealand High School students.
2/Alarmingly sub-par. Used by New Zealand's social commentators in a striking display of wit.
1/Dude 1: Hey I just got 4 credits for writing a CV!
Dude 2: You're kidding me! I just worked my butt off to get four credits by communicating perceptive and comprehensive insight into an aspect of the classical world, in a manner which displays flair and/or original thought! No fair!!
2/Guy in newspaper: ...the whole thing is completely ncea...
by Steve_the_Panda April 15, 2007
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