gentleman,chivalry,nice guy,polite
A guy who violates the girly rules that some girls, especially those who use words like 'dandy' and 'neat', have about a guy they like, such as:
-Calling her
-Offering a jacket or putting an arm around her if she's cold
-Wiping away tears and comforting her
-Letting her jump on her back whenever she wants
-Not complaining about how heavy she is when she jumps on your back
-Stand up for her if somebody disses her seriously
-Open doors for her
-All other manners of sweet things that girls like. Girls, keen girls, are always willing to care for and please the guy they like, so why can't a guy try to equate a girl's efforts?
Ludwiga: Hey, have you heard from whats-his-face recently?
Bertha: No, I haven't heard from him at all recently. Why do you think it is?
Laura: Maybe it's because you're an ugly slut.
Ludwiga: No, he's just a skunk.
by cats_pajamas June 12, 2007
ska + punk = skunk
Sublime and Slightly Stoopid play some rad skunk.
by Ghetto Child May 23, 2004
a drunk slut
Jessie Glod is a Skunk
by Justin January 12, 2004
To beat someone at cribbage by at least 20 points. If you double-skunk someone, it is by at least forty points.
Are you sure you've played cribbage before? I just skunked you.
by Tori G. June 30, 2006
Police cars... often black and white particularly found in broome county
yo is that a car creepin???

dude its a skunk run!!!
by t@K July 06, 2008
a womens vagina or uterus
"i fucked some skunk last night"
"my skunk is burning"
by smashpumpking February 17, 2006
When you fart in a girls face after she blows you.
"you just skunked the shit out of her"
by The D-Mann August 27, 2008
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