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V. In the card game Cribbage , a common 'house rule' (not in the official rules), meaning to win a game by a margin of 61 points or more; that is, to reach 121 points before one's opponent reaches 61 points, which counts for 4 match points if a tally is being kept. To be double-skunked is to be thoroughly and, some would say shamefully, beaten. See also Skunk; Triple-Skunk.
"Fifteen-two, three for the run makes five, and his hat is 6, and that puts me past the post. And I double-skunked you, too, - you're only on fifty-eight! Not your night, is it, old son?"
#cribbage #double skunk #doubleskunk #skunk #triple skunk
by Shagzter77 April 25, 2014
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