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the cool{no, not ‘kool’ or the sickening ‘kewl’} way to spell ‘screwed’, as well as how ’twas korrectly spelled in Old English (what with its Germanic routes). The letter ‘c’ should be reserved more for an ‘s’ sound (as in ‘Cici's Pizza’, proper-noun ‘Scion’, as well as when in concert with another letter to denote a new sound all its own: ‘bitch’, ‘charge’, ‘chagrin’, and German ‘ich’ or the proper-noun ‘Loch Ness Monster’).

See also: screwed, skrew, screw
Yep, you’re pretty-much skrewed alright, I’m ’fraid to confirm.
by Victor Van Styn August 22, 2005
1) fifteen year old girl (as of december 2004) who has too much work
2) jenni
the girl has too much work, she is skrewed
by max December 09, 2004
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