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Norwegian based industrial rock band.
Their lastest album 'Empire Of Dark Salvation' is less electronic based than their debut.
by gothic_hobbit June 20, 2005
Dosbox is an open sourced DOS emulator for Windows / Mac. With it you can play dozens of old DOS games with proper sound and resolution without worrying about XP or MacOS compatibility.
The DOS version of Doom is completely playable via Dosbox as are many other golden oldies such as Blood, Redneck Rampage or Shadow Warrior.
by gothic_hobbit August 04, 2008
An p2p application that was founded in 2000, but has now, as of the 26th of October 2010, been shut down by the authorities i.e. The RIAA. It used the gnutella network system and was at one point THE p2p app to use.
People could download all types of files with Limewire. However, the amount of viruses, rootkits and malware that could be accidentally downloaded with this app was obscene to the point of it being a conduit for malicious software that could potentially ruin you AND your machine.
by gothic_hobbit October 28, 2010
German underground EBM band who released 5 albums from 1999 to 2004. Believed to be non-active as of 2009 though.
Megadump remind me of classic EBM artists like Front Line Assembly and Steril.
by gothic_hobbit August 23, 2009
American industrial band.
Skrew's style, particularly on their earlier work, stands out as prototypical industrial metal, combining a harsh power/thrash base with sampling, distorted vocals, and a general mechanical feel.
by gothic_hobbit February 22, 2006
An PC game released in the winter period of 1998. Sin was a first person shooter that used the then 'cutting edge' Quake II engine to great effect. Gameplay wise, it shared a few similarities to Goldeneye on the Nintendo 64, where for each level, you had to carry out a set number of tasks in a particular order, to be able to succeed. You played as protagonist John R Blade, who's mission it was to rid the local city called Freeport, of a evil bitch called Elexis Sinclaire, who was in the midst of devising a plan to take over the world, by creating vast mutant armies from a illegal chemical concoction called U4.
When Sin initially came out, critics bashed it for having glitches and freezing issues. However, a patch was eventually released. Although, it never managed to compete with sales of the first Half Life, which was released at around the same time.
by gothic_hobbit December 15, 2010

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