One who spends a large amount of time on Skype "whoring" around especially in activities of a perverted nature. Combination of Skype + Whore. Meant in loving/joking manner.

See also: Twore, Emore
We skores had a virtual orgy on Skype last night.
by PooBubbleClub August 24, 2009
Awesome or hella cool, not used as an adjective
YES: person 1 "dude you know that one chick we met at the party?"
person 2" yeah?"
person 1 "we did the no pants dance"
person 2" skore"

WRONG: shes pretty skore
by thewill May 09, 2007
A mixture between ska and hardcore music.
"Your Mom Nekkid" is a local Skore band.
by Yami Shizuka July 21, 2005
a person who listens to both 'ska' and 'core' music....
keep on skankin skore kid!
by kate December 29, 2004

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