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One who spends an excessive amount of time on Twitter. Especially in activities that may be interpreted as being perverted in nature. Twitter + Whore

See also: Skore, Emore
Seriously, you number your Tweets? You are such a Twore!
by PooBubbleClub August 24, 2009
MDAL is an acronym meaning My Dull Ass Laughs.

When attempting to translate the common acronym LMAO (Laugh My Ass Off) into Spanish via on-line translator the result is generally "Ría mi asno apagado," which when run back through the translator from Spanish to English results in "My Dull Ass Laughs," or MDAL!
MDAL @ people who inadvertently stumble upon and consequently use new web-lingo acronyms!
by PooBubbleClub August 24, 2009
A young child who is witness to and or propagates inappropriate-for-age, yet humorous, situations or comments of a sexual and/or perverted nature--most generally unwittingly.

Refers to fictitious 7 yr-old character in TwitterBones/Twones fanfic, @ParkerBooth, who is NOT affiliated with Fox and/or Bones TV show.
Did you see the little pervker ask his daddy to show him how to make his pants go "bump" in the front?
by PooBubbleClub August 24, 2009
One who spends a large amount of time on Skype "whoring" around especially in activities of a perverted nature. Combination of Skype + Whore. Meant in loving/joking manner.

See also: Twore, Emore
We skores had a virtual orgy on Skype last night.
by PooBubbleClub August 24, 2009

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