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4 definitions by PooBubbleClub

One who spends an excessive amount of time on Twitter. Especially in activities that may be interpreted as being perverted in nature. Twitter + Whore

See also: Skore, Emore
Seriously, you number your Tweets? You are such a Twore!
by PooBubbleClub August 24, 2009
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MDAL is an acronym meaning My Dull Ass Laughs.

When attempting to translate the common acronym LMAO (Laugh My Ass Off) into Spanish via on-line translator the result is generally "Ría mi asno apagado," which when run back through the translator from Spanish to English results in "My Dull Ass Laughs," or MDAL!
MDAL @ people who inadvertently stumble upon and consequently use new web-lingo acronyms!
by PooBubbleClub August 24, 2009
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A young child who is witness to and or propagates inappropriate-for-age, yet humorous, situations or comments of a sexual and/or perverted nature--most generally unwittingly.

Refers to fictitious 7 yr-old character in TwitterBones/Twones fanfic, @ParkerBooth, who is NOT affiliated with Fox and/or Bones TV show.
Did you see the little pervker ask his daddy to show him how to make his pants go "bump" in the front?
by PooBubbleClub August 24, 2009
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One who spends a large amount of time on Skype "whoring" around especially in activities of a perverted nature. Combination of Skype + Whore. Meant in loving/joking manner.

See also: Twore, Emore
We skores had a virtual orgy on Skype last night.
by PooBubbleClub August 24, 2009
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