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One who spends a large amount of time on Skype "whoring" around especially in activities of a perverted nature. Combination of Skype + Whore. Meant in loving/joking manner.

See also: Twore, Emore
We skores had a virtual orgy on Skype last night.
by PooBubbleClub August 24, 2009
manipulating, controlling, obsessive girlfriend who doesn't like her boyfriend to have any other friends.
girl :"you talked to a GIRL last night?! thats worse then when you spoke to that GUY last week, you know, your brother "

guy: "stop being such a skore!"
by fflobberythol July 10, 2008
nasty person, most likely a female, mixture between skank and whore.
That girl dresses like such a skore.
by Betsy June 29, 2004
The skank whore that's fucking your man
Is that the skore I saw your man with last night?
by Tigerlylie July 23, 2011
"Did you see her skirt? Her ass was hanging out."
"I know, what a Skore."
by Poquoson757 October 16, 2012
verb. /Sk·OR/

1.) the act of being a skank and a whore consecutively.
2.) a girl that allows a boy to "score" due to her promiscuous tendencies.
Girl #1: God. that girl is sleeping with 4 different guys.
Girl #2: Damn. Shel is a skore
by ohmymichelle March 16, 2010
When you hook up with a skank and a whore, you skore.
Friend: How was last night man
You: It was great, I skored
Friend: OH! You skored, you dirty bastard!
by Mark F1111 November 29, 2010
a person that is skanky and whore.ish
that girl is a skore and she has no friends.
by ashleysierra November 07, 2007