a little something extra, capacity, safety margin
I'm going to build a little skoosh into this budget.
by Cherbot3000 March 21, 2009
Top Definition
When you're able to successfully initiate sticking your whole nut sac (not just one, but both) into someones mouth and then holding their nose so they can't breathe
1. Did you hear about John skooshing his roommate Keith last night? Keith was almost sent to the hospital!

2. Keith: dude John skooshed me last night. Andy: dude quit bein a V, take this skoosh, (Andy skooshes Keith)
by Bboy Subtle March 09, 2009
a great bargain; something that's easier than it looks
"I bought this on the internet - It was an absolute skoosh!"
by Sammi C March 15, 2006
Fizzy, Effervescent, Carbonated
The cake was covered in skooshy cream.
by steveintheukok November 17, 2009
To travel, a short trip, a holiday.
I'm gonna Skoosh over to France at the weekend to pick up a van load of booze and fags you want anything?

I'm gonna skoosh down to the shop do you want a twix?
by 3 toed Pete December 29, 2008
skoosh is that feeling that its all worth it; the feeling that you know it is all goin to work out in the end; skoosh is when u can walk a mile in the rain and not feel a drop; skoosh is when u can smile and thats all that needs to be said; skoosh is that feeling right after you have cashed in on the long chase; skoosh is that level of drunkeness where everything is beautiful; skoosh is that state of mind when you know you cannot die.
After mark finally fucked that virgin for the first time he was in a pure state of skoosh.

After chugging a solo cup full of vodka, mark paid for everyone at manerray's because he was skoosh.
by drunk boy February 22, 2006
to pound one into the ground until they die and go to hell
Doris: Taylor? Where are you?
Taylor: Right here.
Doris: I thought you were stolen or abused by your M&M boyfriend
Taylor: No, he's been good.
Doris: Good, or then I'd have to skoosh him.
by Maria on behalf of Doris February 19, 2007
Skoosh is the vagina. Usually used only to describe the vagina of an extremely attractive female.
I know the girl is probably a bitch, but what I wouldn't give for a night in that skoosh.
by Double K April 02, 2006

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