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The active verb for skogging. (see urban dictionary for skogging).

skogging is a skateboarding technique requiring both legs to pedal one's skateboard. the word is a mixture of skateboarding and jogging, thus..skogging!
I bunch of us down at Mission Beach will be skogging this afternoon. Will anyone else want to skog?

by Chris Yandall January 31, 2006
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A child born of a Skippy (Aussie) parent and a Wog (Italian) parent. Half Skip, half wog = skog
Those sisters have a great tan. Yeah mate, they're skogs
by SB73 May 08, 2013
To use a nipple to penetrate a sexual partner. (anal or vaginal)
That chick totally skogged that guy in the ass.
by SexLlama October 14, 2004
an aussie(skip)attempting to be a wog
an aussie with hairy legs
by ken and les March 10, 2004
When you are so paranoid (Parra) that it becomes close to psychotic
last night i smoked a joint and bumped into my ex girlfriend
it really skogged me out
by orde July 11, 2011
The back of a male Nutt Sack
Wow, my Skog really itches, I think that bitch gave me the crabs!!!
by Supermiles March 02, 2008
some try to trace it back to a combination of skank and hog, but it isn't. instead it is just a random syllable with no clear meaning, used as an insult when you cannot think of anything else to say.

first used in august 2004, by me. so ha!
margot is such a skog.
by requiem September 23, 2004

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