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5 definitions by requiem

Japanese ELITE Bioterrorism unit during World War 2. Also the name of's new domain.

Fear will keep them in line.
Unit 731 was one of and still is the most feared bioterrorism unit ever.
by Requiem December 30, 2003
35 18
a nickname for somebody you really want to/like to smooch
Hiya smoochiekins!

John is my smoochiekins.
by requiem October 11, 2004
6 2
Coined by Dalton of Roguesaints. This is a uber j33t fearful person, or a fearful even that is fucking awesome.
Hahah Requiem drdos'd Fucking pj33rful!
by Requiem December 30, 2003
1 8
oekaki means doodle in japanese. a place where pepole draw pictures and other pepole can comment on the picture. it helps arists become better. it was started in japan but now is all over the world.
i went to the oekai bords and there was wonderfull pepoles there
by requiem September 27, 2003
14 35
some try to trace it back to a combination of skank and hog, but it isn't. instead it is just a random syllable with no clear meaning, used as an insult when you cannot think of anything else to say.

first used in august 2004, by me. so ha!
margot is such a skog.
by requiem September 23, 2004
14 41