a small amount, just a little bit,
antonym: shitload}
You know, I think that I still need just a skoch more of that spaghetti there.
by stickboy02027 November 17, 2004
noun 1. a small amount, adjective 1. a few
This soup is a skoch too hot.
by scorpionho October 04, 2005
1. A fraction of a generally short period of time. 2. Something that does not last long.
"I gotta run to the store I'll be back in a skoch"
by God May 30, 2003
A small amount; more than a bit according to any Washingtonian
Could you scoot over just a skoch.
by G Funk Dizzel August 29, 2013
pronounce sk-oh-shhhhh

used as an insult
also used as a verb
that dude is sucha skoch.
Why are you skoching everything up?!!!
by monkey&ryan October 25, 2007

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