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Is everything and anything you know. Sklar may be used as an adjective, verb, noun, pronoun or a weapon of some sorts.
"I plan on getting Sklar this weekend."
"Did you just see that guy Sklar across the street?"
"I'll have just a Sklar of that, thanks!"
by Mr. Sklar January 09, 2012
5 2
A mispelling of the name, "Skylar"
"Sklar is so advanced!"
"I am Sklar of the hill people!"
"Hello, my name is Sklar, I would like to teach you about the LDS religion"
by shawn havili December 19, 2005
18 16
1. Pirate exclaimation. Used usually to express frustration and disappointment, and occasionally surprise.
Sklar! The banshee's wail sent near half me crew to davie jones's locker.
by Jurek April 11, 2005
13 14