Top Definition
the coolest most awsomeist person ever
who is that crazy cool person?? it is just skittlez
by skittlez lover 67 August 28, 2008
slang term for the word ecstacy
man i was rollin so hard off those skittlez
by xtaz lette January 07, 2009
Sexy women
Lets go to the club and pick up some skittlez.
by Taylor and Gabbie February 27, 2012
Girls who are bisexual or lesbian.
Them girls some skittlez,look at them all on each other.
by tryll April 25, 2009
a nickname for a girl with bright hair.
girl: omg! did you see that girls hair?!

boy: hey, dont worry, its just skittlez.
by k.lee January 20, 2008
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