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To skip a class or to skip school all together. Only do it every once in awhile if your in High School. Or anytime from Jr High, up. You need to get your classes but a skip once in awhile is aight ;)
"Melissa is skipping 1st thru 4th hour with Lee so they can fuck in his car in the parking lot across the street"
by Dysfunction September 22, 2003
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The most under-rated form of movement in the existance of mankind.
Skipping was invented in 1405 by Fred Skippideo in Belgium and caused widespread panic amongst the Belgium-waffles.
Dubbed as "elegant as a mountain goat", "nimble as a gazzelle" and "fast as lightning". It's just that good!

Even though skipping is so damn fantastic, it is often mocked and shunned for being "girly" which is a damn lie.
Skipping also has a macho and manly side, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sylvester Stallone and even ex-British Primemister John Major, fully endorse skipping.

Next years London Marathon (not to be confused with the ex-chocolate bar) will not be run by Ian and Pete... it shall be skipped.
Skipped to raise awareness for skipping.

Skipping is under-rated and you know it.
Pete: Dude, we're going to be late back to Meridian! We're gonna have to run!
Ian: Running's for chumps, it requires too much effort and the speed acquired during running is unparalleled by that of skipping.
Pete: What are you sugesting?
Ian: Let us skip to Meridian! The speed, elegance, and grace form together to combine the perfect equilumbrium!
Pete: Damn dude, thats deep, meaningful, insightful and damn awesome, all in one.

*They skip to Meridian, in record time and with enough energy to spare to make more awesome Pop-Up Pirate X-Treme Belts.*
by PeteThePirate April 22, 2005
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the state of mind and overall feeling of a dextromethorphan trip.

When one is "skipping on trittles," he/she is completely overcome by the dissociative mind expanding state, wandering a world void of dimension and reason, where the colours take control the rainbows flow from evry crevace of the brain.
See how big his eyes are!? I'm tellin' you, he's skipping on trittles again."
by Wild Drunken Bill April 25, 2007
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searching through rubbish skips for useable stuff, esp. supermarket food skips
by Anonymous September 23, 2002
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A condition affecting cds.Occurs if you lend them out to "friends" or if you just cant take care of shit.
me-I lent my cd out to you two weeks ago and look at this shit!! Scratches everywhere.
so-called friend-Look Im sorry ill pay for it.
me-You damn right you will.Now dont ask me to borrow shit else.
by zxulu tha big lip bandit December 29, 2004
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Man i went skipping yesterday. It was the greatest thing ever!
by skipping master January 27, 2011
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When a retard skips your post cause they didn't actually read it.
Damn, some of these editors don't know shit about skipping!
by learningisforthebest February 04, 2014
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