tha coolest kid eva!has awesome hair,and pretty teeth.:)
that awesome kid in 8th grade thats supposed to be in 10th.Skipper!
by T.Skipper May 29, 2009
stupid girl, usually cannot form a well writen sentence.

ill-informed logic, sucks at life.

easily pied by all of south florida, mostly the men.
That girl skipper, her arms are so hairy. I bet she has a hairy cooch too.
by teh armpiester April 16, 2008
A girl that sleeps around with guys that work on the same funfair
She's such a skipper, she goes from trailer 2 trailer
by x-funfairgirl-x November 30, 2007
<to skipper, skippered, skippering> verb meaning to vacate your bowels in an extraordinarily time sensitive manner aka instant, flaming, burning diarrhea or pissing ut your asshole. Word origin stems from a restaurant chain in the Pacific Northwest known for (mystery) fish and chips.
My God! I almost skippered myself in the car on the way home from lunch. That's the last time I eat at that place!

Damn! I think I skippered out my pancreas after I ate that burrito from that street vendor.

Wow! That restaurant is suing me for 400 dollars for destruction of property after I skippered in their bathroom!

by Katya7666 January 16, 2006
crystal, or someone who is tweeking
"Hey man, you got any skipper?"
by Onna Goodwon November 24, 2006
a group of people not to be specified at this time; commonly used towards one who acts like a mongoloid
Evan is a skipper, and always tries to act cool.
by baba o reillo November 23, 2004
Someone who takes dick, a fudgepacker
Ryan Seacrest is a skipper
by JB October 20, 2004

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