A term used to describe an asian bamf.
holy mother of all that is holy, its skipper. I want his children...
by Rawrmin March 29, 2011
Some Fat old guy off the show "Gilligan's Island. What I don't get is why they're stranded on an island with nothing to eat but coconuts and fruits they've been there for a long time and yet I dont see him getting any skinnier. He must be holding out on them
Skipper is Fat and Old.
by asdf April 23, 2004
A really skinny girl with no chims or butt
Isaac: Man, that girl is flat chested and has no butt.
Pherick: Yeah, dude, she's a skipper.
by Ashley Hemmingway April 14, 2008
A guy who zooms past you on the freeway and slows down immediately after so you have to slow down. He waits in front of you for a few minutes until he gets the urge to skip again. Skipping is a serious compulsive disorder.
"Quit dickin' around and we'll get there skipper. You're slowing us down and fuckin' our rythm."

"There's a line of 50 cars moving 58 in a 55, and he is still not satisfied until he gets to the front on a two lane highway. Skipper, you're a dick buddy."
by Senora Dibiatchio October 01, 2006
A "Skipper" is someone who skips cinematics (movie parts) in games, especially in multi-player games.
"Damn it, Joel! I havn't seen that cinematic yet and you just skipped half way through. Next time I'm taking the controller off of you, Mr Skipper."
by MiTHMoN November 30, 2009
A rockin' blow job that knocks your socks off when you need it most. Done in an outdoor, or public place which creates a sense of thrill for both parties. Common side effects inlude "sackjaw" inflicted to the giver.
Brad gives Brandon a high five and exclaims," I think there were people watching last night when Lyndsae gave me that skipper in the park!"
by bradsoulsurvivor August 16, 2008
tha coolest kid eva!has awesome hair,and pretty teeth.:)
that awesome kid in 8th grade thats supposed to be in 10th.Skipper!
by T.Skipper May 29, 2009

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