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2 definitions by dread

n. abnormal {esp. erotic} attraction to corpses
my necrophilla is the only thing that keeps me going every day
by Dread March 20, 2005
30 20
A skinhead is originally of Caribbean descent,The movement was adopted from the English Caribbeans by racist white English - totally killed the real meaning of what a skin represents! the oldskool SKA jazz reggae scene..
I am a skin from the Caribbean who is working to promote this movement back to my culture. The Original Skinz.. Jamaica Barbados St.Vincent Bahamas Trinidad and Tobago Cayman Isles etc.
SKA . a jazz and reggae fusion.. bob marley said it best .. "IZ A PUNKY REGGAE PARTIE!!", chase dem baldheads out of de town
by dread November 15, 2003
42 109