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a skinny, inch long, penis!
AMBER: OMG zach has a skinch!!
KIMMIE: dump his ass. :D
by cockblock78 January 30, 2009
10 6
female who is classes and/or skanky. A 'clean' word for: Hoe, Whore, and Slut. A male who likes skanks.
"That girl is a skinch!" instead of "That girl is a hoe!"
by bread infection December 31, 2005
12 9
1. To take, to pilfer, to buy
2. To get away with something by the skin of your teeth.
1. I skinched an mp3 player from Best Buy the other day.
2. I skinched out of work today; I told them I wasn't feeling well.
by mthoodmark February 23, 2005
6 7