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A jail term for a pedophile or sexual offender

A sexual charge
Hey skinbeef, you're about to get beat.

I got locked for a skinbeef
by Michael A Goodrich November 29, 2006

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Inmates being held because of rape, incest, pedophilia, etc.
Yo dat niggas up here on sum skin beef. Let's shank his ass.
by blarglesnargle July 29, 2008
A criminal charge.

For instance, a "skinbeef" is a sex crime, while a "bumbeef" is a false charge.
"They got her on a skinbeef."
by SadistiK March 31, 2006
Covertly engaging in sexual activity while in the direct proximity of others people.
1. They got away with skin-beefing in a packed room on Enemy at the Gates.

2. Doing stuff in a crowded theater is prime skin-beefing.
by damnballs/vader/jim dangles July 12, 2008