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Short for Nebraska Cornhuskers
The 'skers are gonna roll up whoever want it in the Orange Bowl!
by natedoggydogg October 04, 2003
When weed is bad, you say skère weed.
If a girl is ugly or has not tits, it's a skère girl.
"Look at that girl with her flatchest, skère chick"
by Skerboy July 10, 2008
,professional racker, qualified in the art of getting up,hated by five-o as much as he hates them.
SKer is a main founder of the HROW.
A firm based in doonside.
commonly found hitting up
does not like lads
and doesn't dress lad
wtf's a SKER.

were's skizzer at homie?

he's over there by the bust.

by mikaele July 29, 2007
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