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1.a person that is so skinny that they barely qualify as a person and are more like skeletons

2. a friendly joke ..... sumtimes
Person 1: Ha! did u see skeletore? she is so freaking weird looking!
Person 2: yah she could so go trick or treating like that! she already looks like a skeleton

example 2:

Person 1: haha u can see your knuckles thru your hoody pocket!
Person 2: yah they look like skeletore!
by *~*~ June 21, 2005
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a state of being; being so drunk you are almost dead, like skeletor from Masters of the Universe.
Dude, I'm so fucking skeletore. . . I shouldn't have drank that case of Miller High Life and fucked those 11 year old asian boys.
by Harry Balsanya February 25, 2005
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