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3 definitions by Mystico

Skeletor is the main villain in the cartoon, comic, and action figure series "Masters of the Universe". He has a muscular body and an exposed skull for a face.
"I'll get you next time, He Man!" shouted Skeletor, as he escaped.
by Mystico October 11, 2005
ass lurch, or asslurch, was born in the unmoderated forum of overclocked remix,(www.ocremix.com) when forums member "lurch" was told not to be an ass- "dont be an ass, lurch."

-an obnoxious, rude, crass, stupid, or otherwise offensive person.

syn: ass, asshat, jerk, dickweed, ect.
shut the hell up, asslurch.
go be an ass lurch elsewhere.
by Mystico October 18, 2004
said by tenacious d in their lyrics.
cool, the best, great.
that was poops mcgee!
by Mystico October 18, 2004