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2 definitions by GrandPhoenix

A bony chick who is so skinny that she is no longer attractive in any way. Had you even made an attempt to have sex with her you would merely poke through her vagina and straight through her stomach and kill her in a yeasty, bloody mass of skeletor-killing pokage.
You don't want a chick that's too blubbery...

But you don't want to bone a skeletor.
by GrandPhoenix October 04, 2005
Any item used to stick down your throat and force yourself to vomit and thus become an anorexic skeletor. People run and flee from Skeletors and rarely fuck them for fear of poking through their vagina into their stomach and killing them.
I got my skeletorizor chopped off in the car door so now I must use my moms cooking to cause me to vomit in violent and unhealthy loads of chunky madness.
by GrandPhoenix October 04, 2005