Scale, usually used for selling weed
- Yo this doesn't look like an eighth.
- Man, I'll skeez it in front of you.
by Heinze Ward March 27, 2008
A whore, ho, or slut
Cris: Wow, look at that girl wearin them short shorts and her tittays hangin out.

Tsai: Damn, that girl is a scrait up skeez.
by IasT! April 25, 2009
Means alright geez or ok geez.Used by bad boys and gangstas.
Aaron: ill meet you there at 8 mate.

James: skeez.

by jairz July 10, 2008
To make one uncomfortable.
Dude, when you grabbed my thigh. You totally skeezed me out.
by Keith Page December 07, 2004
To skeet all over titties after squeezing the titties. Skeezing tends to be more fun for men than woman.
He skeezed and breezed.
by Temoy November 26, 2005
A spaz in the most hyper, energetic, loserly sense of the word.
Get off the fucking table, you skeez!
by Stu March 26, 2005
1)VERB- The act of taking others belongs without asking them.
2) NOUN- A person who often commits the act of skeezing.
1) Man, everyone has been skeezin' our beer tonight.
2) That douche Colby is a major skeez when it comes to our beer.
by D-Rabb March 20, 2004

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